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Nahil Computers | Transportation Operations Software Products
Transportation Operations Software Products
Date Posted: 25-12-2011, 9:11
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Transportation Asset and Network Management


Bentley's long-standing position as a leading provider of transportation engineering solutions evolved naturally over the years into a parallel focus on transportation operations and maintenance (TO&M).

Exor, part of Bentley’s AssetWise platform, provides information modeling software for asset management and the operation of linear network infrastructure including roads, railways, and water networks, as well as the components connected to them. Exor software helps owner-operators address the diverse yet specific needs of operational asset management departments covering the whole life cycle of asset inventory, traffic, condition, maintenance activities, structures, safety, and ensuring compliance with legislation.

Bentley SUPERLOAD helps transportation agencies untangle the mess of multiple systems for permit application, issuance, and payment. The SUPERLOAD system streamlines the oversize/overweight vehicle permitting process via the Web and automatically provides approved routes, taking into account bridge load ratings, road closures, and other conditions.

Bentley Optram is a comprehensive decision support system that enables proactive management of railway assets. With the ability to compare and analyze volumes of current and historic track and rail asset data, track and structures professionals can greatly improve maintenance strategies and planning.


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