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Nahil Computers | Norton Utilities™ Version 15.0
Norton Utilities™ Version 15.0
Date Posted: 25-12-2011, 12:31
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  • Helps your PC run like new
  • Speeds up PC boot time
  • Takes just one click to fix common PC problems
  • Maximizes overall PC performance
  • Reduces launch time of applications by optimizing the registry
  • Increases storage and performance by defragmenting and cleaning up the hard drive
  • Helps rescue accidentally deleted files
  • Improves Windows® stability
  • Permanently purges unwanted files to keep you more secure

Tunes up

  • Disk Doctor identifies and fixes potential problems that can lead to hard drive crashes
  • Norton UnErase lets you quickly restore accidentally deleted files that may be hidden on your hard drive
  • Smart Updates keeps Norton Utilities up-to-date by automatically installing product updates
  • Lets you further optimize your system with easy access to Windows Administrative Tools

Speeds up

  • Startup Manager improves PC boot time by choosing which programs will load at startup time
  • Service Manager optimizes active Windows services so applications can run simultaneously without slowdowns
  • Speed Disk defragments and optimizes files and data for increased performance
  • Registry Monitor helps applications launch faster and boosts performance by notifying you when the Windows registry is in need of repair
  • Registry Defragmenter reduces system crashes by optimizing your registry to help your PC boot up faster

Cleans up

  • Disk Cleaner permanently erases hidden records of your Web activities to block snooping eyes
  • Disk Cleaner also completely and permanently erases unwanted files so confidential information can't be retrieved by cybercriminals or anyone else, if you sell or donate your PC
  • Registry Cleaner reduces system errors and crashes by safely cleaning and repairing the registry