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Nahil Computers | Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium
Date Posted: 22-12-2011, 10:11
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Why buy Windows 7 Home Premium?

With improved performance, easier networking, and great entertainment anywhere you go, Windows 7 Home Premium will help you get more out of your computer every day. Here's how:


TV and movies

Watch, pause, and record live TV using Windows Media Center‍—then take it with you on your laptop, phone, or portable media player. With Internet TV you'll have access to free shows drawn from all over the Internet. And if your media and display are high-definition, you'll enjoy your videos in full HD splendor.


Stream your media

With Play To, you can stream your music and videos to the other PCs running Windows 7 in your house—or to compatible TVs and stereos on your home network. If you're farther afield (work, coffee shop, airport lounge), you can use Remote Media Streaming to access the music, videos, and photos on your home PC over the Internet.


Easy sharing at home

With HomeGroup, it's simple to share music, photos, videos, docs, and even printers among the PCs running Windows 7 on your home network. Once your homegroup is set up, just select the libraries you want to share.


Gamer's delight

Whether you're battling aliens, off-roading, or pursuing some other type of virtual thrill, you'll be blown away by the immersive graphics of DirectX 11. And Windows 7 Home Premium comes with a variety of fun games—including several popular Internet games you can play online with opponents anywhere in the world.


Fast, fun, and personal

Windows 7 was designed for top performance. And if you choose Windows 7 Home Premium (or upgrade to it from Windows 7 Starter), you'll also get fun ways to personalize your PC, like free themes—plus useful new desktop features like Shake and Peek.