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A diverse collection of practical tutorials Our people make the difference
Engineering Solutions. provides mission-critical information technology and engineering services. Our staff comprises over 150 professionals with high level clearances participating in more than 30 contracts. Our success over the years has been built on our firm commitment to employee welfare and career enrichment, and our employees in turn have earned a reputation for customer satisfaction that validates our motto: "Our people make the difference."   Read More

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Nahil Computers | EMC Centera
EMC Centera
Date Posted: 25-12-2011, 8:02
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EMC Centera delivers:

Self-configuring, self-healing, and self-managingLowest total cost of ownership by using less management time and resources than tape, optical, or traditional disk solutions require.
Single-instance storageRequire less storage than alternate solutions—each unique piece of content is only stored once.
Content authenticationEnsure information remains unchangeable and accessible.
Online accessQuickly access information no matter how large the archive grows.
Record-level managementSatisfy organizational and application policies for information retention and disposition.
Capacity to multiple petabytesSeamlessly add capacity and federate multiple clusters without disruption.
Object-based storageProvide future-proof investment, eliminating technology obsolescence.