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Nahil Computers | Oracle Database Mobile Server
Oracle Database Mobile Server
Date Posted: 30-12-2011, 12:23
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Oracle Database Mobile Server


Oracle Database Mobile Server is the best way to securely connect embedded devices and mobile applications to Oracle Database. By extending the application grid to mobile and embedded devices, it can greatly increase the reach of existing enterprise data management systems. It provides mobile workers and remote devices the advantage of continuous access to data unconstrained by network bandwidth and coverage. When a network connection is available, Oracle Database Mobile Server uses data synchronization to allow reliable and secure data exchange with a backend Oracle Database.

In addition, Oracle Database Mobile Server can manage applications, users, devices, and data on a large deployments of mobile or remote devices. This functionality is available in a single centralized web console, Mobile Manager. Also included is a suite of tools for packaging, publishing and testing applications, in the form of the Mobile Development Kit (MDK). Oracle Database Mobile Server is designed to work with Berkeley DB, Oracle's high performance mobile data store, as a local client device data store. It is also compatible with SQLite, the very popular open source project. It is well suited for mission critical applications or any application where high performance and reliability are required.



  • Scalable data synchronization—Data synchronization with built-in and customizable conflict detection and resolution
  • Automatic synchronization—Rules-based background data synchronization without user intervention
  • Comprehensive life cycle management—Centrally manage users and update your applications to users' devices in the field
  • System management—Complete tools to manage and optimize system performance
  • Robust device management—Remotely query and send commands to devices in the field
  • Lower mobile application development time—Supports wide range of IDEs; develop native, Java or Web-based applications using out of the box tools, APIs and code samples