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    In 1984 it all started with a small shop targeting to be a profitable business runned by two young men with eyes set on the future , motivated by ambition , driven by along term vision. the walls of that small shop have never
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  • What does Nahil Computers do?

    NHL offers several solutions for companies to help them to a renaissance in information technology in various fields to make it easier for its customers easy work and access to success.

    NHL deal with incompetent and the latest technological and international companies and provide technical support service for all its products and solutions partners. .

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    • Engineering Solutions

      Many of the programs of in the field of software and applications architecture, civil engineering and structural engineering

    • Business networking mechanism

      Nahil provides hardware and software and applications that support the high mechanism for networks.

    • Service and support shoring

       In the development of plans and maps for each of the agro-industry and engineering and computer .

    • Counseling

      We employ our expertise in providing advice and preparation, installation and wide dissemination of companies

    • Development and promotion

      Where we develop and upgrade existing legacy systems and engineering standards development

    • HR support

      provide appropriate field training programs and support qualified human resources in companies.

    • Three-dimensional designs

      Nahil produces software and applications for three-dimensional designs and Engineering Games and Leisure.

    • Providing construction solutions

      Offering ideal solutions relying on either AutoCAD software or Revit .

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